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Baumholder Army Health Clinic Services


Do not request an ambulance to Baumholder Health Clinic as we are not a hospital nor offer 24-hour services. 

Civilian Ambulance Service

The U.S. Army does not provide ambulance service. You must be prepared to call and communicate with a Host Nation ambulance service. Some have English-speaking medical personnel and some do not. It is your responsibility to know which one to call in an emergency. Your local Military Police will be able to help.

The German Red Cross has a universal phone number for requesting an ambulance. From off-post, call German civilian number 112. From an on-post DSN phone, call 116.

Ambulances should be called for bona fide emergencies only. If you think you have an emergency that requires an ambulance, do not hesitate to call one. However, an ambulance should not be called for routine transportation. Do not assume the ambulance service is familiar with your garrison. If you call an ambulance from on post, be sure to alert the Military Police for assistance. Whatever your location, have someone meet and direct the ambulance.

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8741 Fern Street, 55774 Baumholder


06783-6-116 from on post; 
112 off post


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