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USAHC Hohenfels

Audiology-Hearing Conservation

Army Hearing Program

The Army Hearing Program aims to promote early detection and identification of changes in hearing, provide education on hearing protection, the effects of noise, and hearing loss, and prevent hearing loss before it occurs. More information regarding the Army Hearing Program can be found in DA PAM 40-501.


The Hearing Conservation Clinic at the Hohenfels Army Health Clinic serves as a component of the Army Hearing Program in the efforts to maintain combat readiness and prevent occupationally related noise-induced hearing loss.


Hearing Screenings

Hearing tests are provided to active duty service members and reservists with no need of any appointment.  Walk-Ins are available from 0800-1530., Monday-Friday (closed for lunch from 1130-1300.)

Service members should bring the following items with them in order to test:

◾ID card
◾Unit Identification code (UIC)
◾Any required documentation to be completed by clinic
◾Unit Commander’s email address (in the event of a hearing test failure)

Hearing Protection Fittings

All service members are fit with appropriate Hearing Protection Devices (HPDs) during the annual exam.