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The Prescription Refill Line and TRICARE Online Patient Portal are the fastest and easiest ways to refill your prescription. Use the automated system and the prescription number on the prescription label. Please allow one business day for all refills to be processed.

The Pharmacy can fill new prescriptions written by a United States licensed Primary Care Provider and may fill prescriptions from Host Nation providers that are in the TRICARE Overseas' Preferred Provider Network and are written according to U.S. laws and Army regulations.

Who can pick up medications?

To pick up medications for someone other than yourself, you must have the patient’s DOD ID card. A front and back paper copy or cell phone picture is also acceptable.

Medication Turn-In

If you have unused medications, you can turn them in at the pharmacy during normal business hours. No appointment is necessary.

Emergency Contraception

Your pharmacy team supports the provision of Emergency Contraception (EC) for patients who have an urgent need for this type of medication. We offer Plan B (One-Step); it is a 1-tablet dose of hormone which is most successful in preventing pregnancy if taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex. EC is available to all female beneficiaries of childbearing age in the Tricare Network as an over-the-counter medication, unless there are health concerns associated with providing this medication to you.

TOL Secure Messaging Portal

Please contact your clinic representative to inquire about the TOL Secure Messaging Portal. The TOL Secure Messaging Portal allows easier communication between patients and their providers. When you register for a TOL Secure Messaging Portal account, you will have the capability to email your doctor or nurse and ask questions. The provider will then have the capability to reply to your secure email with relevant information. To sign up, you may request a registration form from your primary care team. The coordinator will then establish an online account for you which will give you email access to your health care team. One benefit of this service is that you may contact your provider directly to request a refill on an expired medication. If appropriate, your provider may re-order your medication. This process is subject to local clinic policies.

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