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Preventive Medicine

Under the umbrella of Preventive Medicine Services there are 4 separate sections that come under the direction of the Chief of Preventive Medicine (PM/APHN/Dietary/Readiness):

Environmental Health, Army Public Health Nursing, Dietary, and Unit Readiness.

  1. Environmental Services is made up of one Environmental Science Officer and a Preventive Medicine Tech, 91S. The primary mission for Environmental Services consists of Facility Sanitation Inspection; Environmental Health, and Water Inspections. Water inspection insures water for drinking, food preparation, and ice used by vendors, and soda dispensers meet stringent guidelines. For Food Handlers' Course Information contact the Preventive Medicine Department at 0444-61-1513/9509 (DSN 636-1513/9509)
  2. Army Public Health Nursing main mission is to monitor the public health of the community which we serve as Child and Youth Services Health Consultation , Flu Campaign; Infectious Disease monitoring; Health Education; Epidemiology; Outbreak Investigation; Animal Bite Reporting; Armed Forces Medical Reportable Events. APHN is also an intricate part of the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) and is a member of the CYS EFMP Committee. APHN functions as an outreach component for the Health Clinic education the public utilizing health fairs, AFN Radio, Outlook articles and collaborating with other helping organizations to publicize community healthy events.
  3. Dietary Nutritional Consultation: For fitness or for life changing behaviors, this program is for anyone interested in getting information and/or education about nutrition. An individual can sign up for an appointment or be referred by their medical provider. Educational class are offered throughout the month, look for the clinic information flier for times, dates and types of classes offered.
  4. Unit Readiness: One stop shop for MEDPROS and Hearing Testing. Please coordinate with your Unit Readiness NCOIC or OIC to arrange for screening and verifying compliance. Soldiers when PCSing in to Vicenza will be screened at Readiness on Thursdays at 1 p.m. This time and date may change so call 636-9120. Readiness is located in Bldg. 2310 on the first floor.

Food Handler's Course

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