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Behavioral Health


Adult and child Behavioral Health therapy and medication management: Individual counseling; marriage and family counseling, Substance use treatment, Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS), School-Based Behavioral Health (middle school and high school), and Family advocacy services are available.

Current Access to Care

We are currently only available to see all Active Duty and their Family Members for all services listed above (except the School-Based Behavioral Health providers who can see anyone enrolled in DEERS).

School-Based Behavioral Health

If your child is in high school or middle school, and would like to speak with a therapist, please call 590-1615 and leave your contact information with the front desk staff. The school-based behavioral health provider will then contact you to arrange an appointment time. Our high school provider is currently taking new patients while the middle school provider is expected to begin seeing patients by 1 April.

If there is an acute safety emergency, please bring your child directly to the Behavioral Health clinic or the Bad Cannstatt Hospital [Priessnitzweg 24, 70374 Stuttgart; Ph: 0711-27802].

Call 06371-9464-1615 to get the latest update on our availability (see below).

Active Duty are NOT authorized to see Behavioral Health providers off-Post but may utilize any of the on-Post resources below or be seen by a provider in one of the other military clinics in Germany via video teleconference (VTC), which can be arranged through the primary care or Behavioral Health clinic.

Decisions about opening access to the clinic for non-Active Duty patients are based on the clinic’s ability to meet the MEDCOM access to care standards of 7 days for any new intake as well as regular follow up appointments. Taking care of Active Duty is our primary mission. The inability to meet the access to care standard means that we may be unable to take care of non-Active Duty patients. However, if the standard can be met, our next priority is Active Duty family members, then Retirees and their family members, and finally DA Civilians and Contractors, as space permits. Our goal is to provide quality Behavioral Health care which depends on our ability to meet the time demands of treatment.

For those not eligible for care in the Behavioral Health clinic, there are on and off-post resources available which one can access through the ISOS at the bottom of this page.

IMPORTANT: If you have been denied the ability to PCS here because of EFMP, you MUST go through the EFMP office for any questions about why you were denied. We are not authorized to answer questions about available services within this context.

If you believe that you, or another person, may be at an immediate risk because of an emotional crisis, please contact the Stuttgart Military Police: CIV: 0711-680-5261/5262 DSN: 430-5262, or go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Resources (Individual, Marriage and Family Counseling and Psychiatry)

Behavioral Health: CIV: 06371-9464-2900 DSN: 590-2900
Family Advocacy Clinic: CIV: 06371-9464-1616 DSN: 590-1616
Chaplain: CIV: 07031-15-3030 DSN: 431-3030
Army Community Service: CIV: 07031-15-3362 DSN: 431-3362
Military & Family Life Counseling (MFLC):
Adults: CIV 0170-708-0715/0160-9574-8279
Children: CIV 01520-265-8259/01520-499-5260

Please note: Once you have been seen for care in the Behavioral Health clinic, you are no longer eligible to see an MFLC counselor.

Emergency Hospital Services for Behavioral Health

Bad Cannstatt Hospital; Priessnitzweg 24, 70374 Stuttgart; Ph: 0711-27802
If you require evaluation through the ER, please call the International SOS number below as soon as possible. They are the managing service for TRICARE.
Victim Advocate: CIV: 07031-15-3342 DSN: 431-3342

Substance Use Disorders Clinical Care (SUDCC)

For active duty and active duty family members seeking substance abuse treatment, please call DSN: 590-1835 (CIV: 06371-9464-1835

Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS)

EDIS provides services to support families of children with developmental delays, disabilities, or special learning needs. We deliver Early Intervention Services (EIS) to eligible infants and toddlers (birth to 3 years of age), and their families, in domestic and overseas areas. We provide FREE developmental screenings and evaluations in the family home when requested (no doctor referral required). Please contact us at the phone number below for more information. CIV: 06371-9464-1613 DSN: 590-1613. Also, please visit our website at:

Counseling Hotlines (available 24/7)


  • The InTransition program is available to support service members to ensure a smooth and seamless PCS.
  • Outside the US toll-free: 800-424-4685 (DSN)
  • Outside the US collect: 314-387-4700
Military One Source:
  • Phone from within Germany (toll free): 0800-888-0013, dial 05, dial 800-342-9647
Military Crisis Line:
  • Phone from within Germany (toll free): 00-800-1273-8255 DSN 118
National (USA) Suicide Prevention Lifeline:
  • Phone from within Germany (toll free): 00-800-1273-8255 DSN 118

Host Nation Suicide Prevention Hotline (toll free, German-speaking only): 0800-111-0111 Mental Health – Suicide Prevention:

International SOS from within Germany (toll free): 0800-589-1599 International SOS from outside of Germany: 0044-20-8762-3834

For a MEDICAL EMERGENCY anywhere in Europe, go straight to a Host Nation emergency room. Once you’ve checked in, please call the International SOS Call Center to apprise them of your situation. The center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can provide assistance.

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Closed on weekends, Federal holidays and from noon to 4:30 p.m. the first and third Thursday of the month for staff training.
Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.