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Vicenza Army Health Clinic Services

Community Resources

Don't know if you need an appointment at the Clinic? Here's a list of community resources in the VMC:

Wellness Resources Card
For non-DSN phones, replace 646 with +39 0444-71 and 636 with +39 0444-61 Soldiers AD FM Civilians Youth LN Others
Adolescent Support & Counseling Services (ASACS) VMS: 646-6785 VHS: 646-6718 X X X X   X
American Red Cross (ARC) 646-5053 (1-877-272-7337 24/7) X X X X   X
Army Emergency Relief (AER) 646-5842 X X       X
Behavioral Health (BH) 636-9140 / Del Din 636-9900 X X       X
Dietitian 636-9080 X X   X    
Public Health Nurse 636-9000 X X X X   X
Armed Forces Wellness (AFW) 636-9260 X X X     X
Substance Use Disorder Clinical Care (SUDCC) 636-9900/636-9140 X X        
Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) / 646-5662 X X X     X
Educational & Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) 636-9230 X X X X   X
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) 646-5662   X X     X
Equal Opportunity Office (EO) 646-8564 / 0444-71-8564 24/7 X X        
Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) 646-5845 X X X X    
New Parent Support Program (NPSP) 646-5807 X X X      
Family Advocacy Program (FAP) 646-5822 (335-805-7867 24/7) X X X X   X
Family Advocacy Program (FAP) Clinical 636-9703 X X   X    
Family Life Chaplain Counseling (FLCO) 646-4794 X X X X   X
Military & Family Life Consultant (MFLC)  adults: (345) 243-0163 children/teens: (347) 533-5841 X X   X    
MWR Fitness Center 646-4467 X X X X X X
Ready and Resilient Performance Center (R2PC) 646-2226 X X X X    
Religious Services Office (RSO) 646-2222 (335-832-0372 24/7) X X X X X X
Resiliency Through Art (Ederle Art Center) 646-4500 X X X X X X
San Bortolo Hospital Liaison 0444-75-3300 X X   X    
Sexual Harassment/Assault (SHARP) (646-8540 24/7) X X X      
School Psychologists VES: 646-6740, VMS: 646-6774, VHS: 646-6704       X    
Women Infants & Children (WIC) 636-5670 X X X      
Wounded Warrior Project 646-5050; 1 800 997-2586 X X       X

Community Wellness Resources Card
Agency Description
ASACS Youth counseling; transitioning; stress/anxiety; mentoring; drug & alcohol
ARC Emergency communication, resiliency programs, disaster training and education
AER Emergency financial assistance; loans; grants
BH Counseling; psychiatric assessment; medication evaluation/management
Dietitian Nutrition counseling; medical consultations
Public Health Nurse STI screening; vaccines
AWC Body composition/metabolism; stress management
SUDCC Treatment/support for drug/medication/alcohol dependence/abuse
ASAP Substance abuse/gambling/suicide/workplace conflict/stress prevention
EDIS Ages 0-3, 3-21 (Elem/Mid/HS) special education; non-clinical services
EAP Non-clinical counseling; community referrals; consultations; mediations
EO Military equal opportunity & harassment prevention/response
EFMP Medical/educational services for dependents
NPSP Parenting education; breastfeeding support
FAP Survivor support; prevention education, stress/anger management
FAP Clinical Domestic violence treatment; survivor support
FLCO 100% confidential counseling services
MFLC Non-medical counseling
MWR Fitness Center Mission readiness; group fitness; personal training; massage; recovery
R2PC Customized resiliency training, leadership & academic development
RSO Pastoral counseling; chapel support
Art Center Resiliency through Art; art therapy; community activitess; healthy outlets
San Bortolo Hospital Liaison Assistance and translation in local hospitals
SHARP Crisis/survivor support; safety planning; medical consult; legal referrals
Vicenza School Psychologists Short-term/crisis counseling; social/emotional concerns; 504 plans
WIC Support and supplementary food items for mothers
Wounded Warrior Project Mental/physical wellness; career/VA counseling; independence programs; connection
Full list of USAG Italy Community Services
Emergency services: Military crisis line: 1-800-273-8255 (TALK); Military OneSource: 1-800-342-9647 (24 hr)
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