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Emergency Care

The Baumholder clinic does not provide emergency care.

112 is the Emergency Phone Number for Fire, Police, Ambulance

A medical emergency is one in which life, limb or eyesight may be in immediate danger. Time may be a critical factor during a medical emergency. Most Military Treatment Facilities in Europe are not staffed or equipped to respond to a major medical emergency. The Baumholder health clinic, for example, does not provide emergency care.

Therefore, it is recommended to get familiar with Host Nation emergency care options and civilian ambulance services before an emergency occurs.

For medical emergencies, go to the nearest hospital, or dial 112. You may also call the MP station at 0611-143-531-2677 for assistance.

If you are a TRICARE Prime patient and go to a German clinic or hospital without a referral, you must call the toll-free International SOS emergency line at 0800-181-8505 (for Germany only), or their international line at 0044-20-8762-8133 (in case you are traveling in another European country). They also offer real-time language assistance services by phone in more than 200 languages.

For 24-hour medical advice, call the toll-free Nurse Advice Line at 0800-825-1600. Some mobile phones cannot call toll free, in that case, call the Appointment Line at 06371-9464-5762 (LRMC) and select option 2.

Emergency Rooms:
Find out which Host Nation hospitals offer emergency care before you need to use one. In the hospital's emergency area, you will be asked to complete TRICARE forms and, possibly, have a copy of your ID card made. If you have any concerns about what you are asked to sign, talk to your patient liaison.

If you need a patient liaison or an interpreter during an emergency situation, call the 24/7 on-call host nation liaison at 0162-2707611, or the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center information desk at DSN 590-4100 or civilian 06371-9464-4100.
If you (service member or family member) are admitted to a host nation hospital, please notify your unit as soon as possible as well as International SOS.

For more information about emergency care, hospitals in your area, referrals and services, please visit the TRICARE Overseas website www.tricare-overseas.com or visit your local TRICARE Service Center.

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The Baumholder clinic does not provide emergency care.

DSN Phone:

112 is the Emergency Phone Number for Fire, Police, Ambulance

CIV Phone:

112 is the Emergency Phone Number for Fire, Police, Ambulance


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