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Routine / Urgent Eye Care, Refractive Surgery Evaluation (Active Duty Only), Military physicals, Contact Lens Update (no new fittings)

Access to care:

Open to the following personnel (ages 5 years and older): Active Duty, Active Duty Dependents, Retiree, Retiree Dependents .

Contact lens patients must bring copy of existing contact lens prescription.

Refractive surgery evaluations are only booked by the clinic after patient has been seen for a routine eye examination.

We provide optical services to include spectacle ordering, fitting, and repair, for active duty and retirees.

Read our Administrative Guidelines on Refractive Surgery.

**NOTE**: Until further notice, as of September 12, 2017 only those MOS’s which are Combat Arms and Combat Support related are eligible for pre-op testing for Corrective Refractive Surgery (e.g., PRK/LASIK). Combat Arms is a collective name in reference to those troops which participate in direct tactical combat. In general, they include units that carry or employ a weapon system such as infantry, cavalry, artillery, and flying units (15A and WO 152 thru 156).

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