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Vicenza Army Health Clinic Services

Are you a TRICARE Beneficiary?

We believe it is important to hear your views on the services and care you receive on the network. Please make your voice heard by providing us with your feedback. 

The information we gather is key to improving and addressing concerns. All responses are completely anonymous and confidential. 

If you are a TRICARE Beneficiary and would like to file a grievance about the health services you received on the network, access the Universal Grievance & Complaint Form and submit to the TRICARE Overseas Program Quality Assurance Team. 

Mail or email your Universal Grievance and Complaint Form to International SOS:

International SOS Assistance, Inc.
Reconsideration/Grievance Department
P.O. Box 11570
Philadelphia, PA 19116 USA

Email: TOPGlobalQualityAssu@internationalsos.com 

>>Learn More about the Overseas Grievance Process 

If you are a TRICARE Beneficiary and paid for your medical services on-the-spot or received a bill from the network provider, go to the following link to file your medical claims for reimbursement:


If you are enrolled in the TRICARE Dental Program (United Concordia), file your grievance by completing the form at:

TRICARE Active Duty Dental Program Grievance

Form should be mailed to:
AD Dental Program
United Concordia
ADDP Grievances
4401 Deer Path Road, DP-4J
Harrisburg, PA 17110-3907

TRICARE Dental Program
United Concordia
TRICARE Dental Program Grievances
1800 Center Street
Camp Hill, PA 17089

FAX for Both: 1-717-260-7168

If you would like to file a grievance about care received on the network through the USAHC-Vicenza Patient Advocate, go to the following link for the Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) System:

USAHC Vicenza - Host Nation Care

Don't forget to keep your family's information up-to-date in DEERS.