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Kaiserslautern Army Health Clinic Services

Pharmacy Services

Important Phone Numbers

Kleber (Kaiserslautern) Pharmacy: DSN 590-2611 or Commercial 06371-9464-2611
Phone-In-Refill: DSN 486-5601 or Commercial 06371-86-5601
Phone-In-Refill Toll-Free Number: 00-800-7446- 2500
Refills are also possible through TRICARE Online
Front Desk: DSN 590-2615 or Commercial 06371-9464-2615
Landstuhl Outpatient Pharmacy: DSN 590-5223 or Commercial 06371-9464-5223

To Activate a NEW Prescription call the Kleber Pharmacy at DSN 590 2611 or 06371 94642611

New prescriptions can be for medications you have never taken before or for medications that have run out of refills/expired. Orders to renew an out-of-refills/expired medication will generate a new prescription number. If you try to use the automated phone-in-refill service or using the TRICARE Online option without the new prescription number, the system will alert you that either there are no refills remaining or no order exists.

Mandatory Phone-In-Refills

Patients are required to utilize the Central European automated phone-in-refill service to save time for all our pharmacy customers. Call in your refills today and you can pick up your medication the next duty day after 1330 hours. Remember to press #1 for the Landstuhl Footprint THEN press #6 for Kleber if you wish to pick up your refills at the Kleber Pharmacy. Another option to renew your prescription is by utilizing the TRICARE Online service at www.tricareonline.com. Both options are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have no refills left on your prescription, please call the Front Desk for a telephone consult. Your provider will then renew your prescription(s) within 72 hours or call you. Pharmacy can only fill prescriptions that have valid refills remaining.

What Everything Means on Your Prescription Label

When do Prescriptions Expire?

Prescription refills are good for one year (from the original prescribed date of the prescription) for most medication. This means if your prescription was originally prescribed on 16 January 2013 with 1 refill remaining and you call in your refill on 17 January 2014, your refill is not valid because it is over a year old. For your safety, controlled substance prescription refills are valid for only 6 months.

Can I Have my Prescriptions Transferred From the States?

We gladly accept transfer of prescriptions for medications from other Department of Defense Pharmacies provided the medication is on our formulary. To facilitate the transfer, please present the prescription bottle to the pharmacy. Unfortunately we are unable to accept prescription transfers prescriptions from civilian pharmacies.

Can Someone Else Pick-Up My Prescriptions for Me?

Yes, others can pick-up your prescriptions if they have your military ID card, a copy of it front and back, a picture message on their phone or a medical power of attorney. This is for patients old enough to have a military ID. (ERMC REG 40-9)

How do I Dispose of Expired Medications?

If you have expired medications or are simply no longer taking the drug, you may bring them to our pharmacy for disposal.

How Many Day Supply of Medication can the Pharmacy Give Me When I PCS or ETS?

If you are PCS’ing, we can provide you with a 90 day supply depending on your refills remaining. If you are ETS’ing, we can fill up to your ETS date provided you have sufficient refills remaining and it does not exceed a 90 day supply.

Self-Care Medication Program

The Kleber Pharmacy does offer a limited selection of Over-The-Counter (OTC) medications without a prescription for ages 2 years and older. All TRICARE beneficiaries and Space Available patients are eligible for our Self- Care Program. Most OTC medications available are to treat coughs, colds, pain/fevers, and some topical conditions.

Can I Have My Prescriptions Filled From Any of the European MTF Pharmacies?

Yes, however we recommend you check with the pharmacy first to verify that the medication is available.

Requirements to Fill German Prescriptions

If you are being seen by a German physician as an OUTPATIENT, you will most likely receive a German prescription. Here are some of the options for obtaining the medication prescribed to you:

Non-TRICARE Beneficiary Service

We are happy to fill your prescriptions for medications we stock. If you have health insurance coverage, please check at the Front Desk to ensure we have your correct health insurance information so we can bill your insurance company for medications we provide. For billing errors or additional questions regarding your medical payment, visit the RHCE Uniform Business Office website. This site contains useful contact information as well as a Pharmacy Pricing Estimator Tool which can assist you in determining your pharmaceutical costs.
  1. The simplest and easiest way is to take your prescription to a German pharmacy and have it filled. Active duty must ensure they have a TRICARE authorization for German prescriptions. Contact your local TRICARE service center for a list of network pharmacies, they will provide you with claims forms and instructions. (bldg. 3245, inprocessing bldg.)
    • If you are ACTIVE DUTY or a family member enrolled in TRICARE Prime, the network pharmacy will not charge you for the medication-they will submit the bill to TRICARE. Just show a copy of your referral from the MTF to the German provider so they can ascertain your Prime enrollment. Your TRICARE Service Center will give you an extra copy and claims form for this purpose. If you use a non-network pharmacy, you will have to prepay and then submit a claim to TRICARE for reimbursement. If you are a retiree or a family member in TRICARE Standard you prepay, submit your claim to TRICARE for reimbursement, and pay any applicable co-pays and deductibles.

    • If you are a civilian, pre-pay and then obtain reimbursement from your health insurance.

    • If you prepay, keep the prescription with the prices annotated and stamped as received to file for reimbursement.

  2. Another option available, but only from network providers, is to have the provider write a prescription that can be filled at the local military pharmacy. This is possible if:
    • The provider agrees to do it, is a network provider (PPN) and is listed in the military pharmacy database (Call us to check).

    • The prescription is in English and complies with the following requirements:
      • States patient’s full name and date of birth, written on the prescription by the physician

      • States the date the prescription was written

      • States the chemical name, strength and quantity of the medication to be dispensed

      • Has the dosage instructions in plain English

      • Signed by the prescribing German physician (name must be legible to pharmacy staff)

      • Medication is listed in the Military Formulary (list of medications maintained in military pharmacies)

      • Doctors write the diagnosis or indication on all controlled substance prescriptions (i.e., Percocet, Lortab, Tylenol 3, Valium, Ambien, etc.) or the prescription is accompanied by a copy of the doctor’s appointment notes (i.e., copy of doctor’s handwritten or typed narrative).

      • Can only be dispensed by an MTF pharmacist or dispensing physician.

    • If the prescription does not meet the criteria above, please take the prescription to a German pharmacy. Unfortunately regulations prohibit MTF providers from re-writing prescriptions from outside providers unless they have evaluated the patient.

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