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The Prescription Refill Line and MHS Genesis Patient Portal are the fastest and easiest ways to refill your prescription. Use the automated system and the prescription number on the prescription label. Please allow one business day for all refills to be processed.

The Pharmacy can fill new prescriptions written by a United States licensed Provider and may fill prescriptions from Host Nation providers that are in the TRICARE Overseas’ Preferred Provider Network and are written according to U.S. laws and Army regulations. Contacting your Patch Pharmacy to activate and fill your new prescriptions could save you some time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my medication available at Patch Pharmacy?

  • Contact Patch Pharmacy at 314-590-1633 or 06371-9464-1633 to inquire about availability.
What if I need a non-formulary or non-stocked medication?
  • Non-formulary medications require additional review and approval before being ordered and dispensed.
  • Check the TRICARE Formulary Search Tool (see link above) to see if your medication requires additional paperwork from your doctor, such as a Prior Authorization or a Medical Necessity form.
  • Please allow up to 72 business hours for review after your doctor submits the request.
  • NOTE: Non-formulary or non-stocked items, especially those needing to be shipped from the USA, may take 4 – 8 weeks or longer to arrive at the pharmacy if approved.
  • Please click on the link to review the Patient Information Sheet on Non-Formulary Medication Request.
Can someone else pick up my medication?
  • Yes, to pick up medications for someone other than yourself (including dependents 14 years or older), you must have the patient’s DOD ID card. A front and back paper copy or cell phone picture is also acceptable.
  • NOTE: No patient under 14 years of age may pick up medications or be delegated to pick up another individual’s medications.
How long does it take to fill a new prescription?
  • Generally, those prescriptions written by your MTF provider are filled as waiters when you present to the pharmacy.
  • Paper or “hard copy” prescriptions take 1 business day unless there are extenuating circumstances such as an antibiotic.
  • Calling in your refill requests at least 1 business day prior or ensuring your German doctors follow all guidelines when writing prescriptions to US and Army standards would save you tremendous time during your pharmacy visit.
  • Wait times for prescriptions are subject to change based upon workload, staffing, and medication availability.
Can I fill a prescription from my US doctor?
  • YES, now with MHS GENESIS we can fill any eligible prescriptions (with refills remaining) that you had filled at a previous MTF.
  • Prescriptions that have been emailed, photocopied, or scanned are NOT legal and cannot be filled.
  • We are not equipped to accept prescriptions electronically or via fax.
Do you fill prescriptions from German doctors?
  • Yes, as long as:
    • The doctor is a TRICARE Network Provider (PPN).
    • The medication is on our formulary.
    • The prescription is written according to US laws and Army regulations.
Please see our guide on German prescription requirements here.
*** You may receive a message that states: Please wait . . . If you do, please save the form to your desktop or computer and then open the file.

NOTE: The pharmacy is unable to verify German Providers or add German providers to the pharmacy computer system. Those German providers which are not in the system will require prescriptions to be filled on the economy.

Can I "refill" a prescription that was last filled at a different pharmacy?
  • We can only refill prescriptions that were last filled at a DOD pharmacy in Germany.
  • While we can’t refill other prescriptions, we may be able to transfer them if they are not expired and have refills remaining.
  • For transfers, please bring your prescription bottle(s) to the pharmacy at least 1-2 weeks prior to running out of your medication as this can be a lengthy process.
  • We are unable to transfer prescriptions for:
    • Controlled substances
    • Medications last filled at a Veterans Affairs facility
    • Medications last filled at pharmacies on the US West Coast, Hawaii, Alaska, or in the Pacific
    • Non-formulary medications
    • Over-the-counter medications
    • Any time when we cannot reach your original pharmacy
    • NOTE: Transfer requests from a different pharmacy to Patch Pharmacy are often difficult to process. The best way to ensure you receive your medications in a timely manner is to have your provider write a hard copy prescription to fill at Patch Pharmacy. This gives enough time to establish care at either the clinic or on the economy.
What is the difference between a refill, a renewal, and a new prescription?
  • Refill prescriptions: These are medications which you called the automated line or initiated to be filled on TRICARE online. These did not require a visit or a message to your doctor to authorize at the pharmacy
  • Renewal prescriptions: These are medications which you were previously taking which ran out of refills, requiring a new order from a provider. These are treated as new prescriptions since they must be checked for accuracy, appropriateness, and safety by the pharmacy. These you cannot call in. They must be picked up as if they were new.
  • New prescriptions: These are prescriptions that are written by a provider that a patient has not yet taken.
Why is my medication out of stock?
  • Due to ongoing labor shortages in the United States, drug procurement channels are now compromised. Geographically, Germany is difficult to obtain medications due to customs requirements and laws within the country.
  • The pharmacy works to project shortages; however, even when shortages are imminent, medications still take several weeks to arrive from the USA.
 Medication Refills:
  • Refills must be requested at least 72 hours (3 business days) prior to pick up.
  • Requests may be submitted by phone or or through the MHS GENESIS Patient Portal: https://my.mhsgenesis.health.mil
  • Medications not picked up within 10 business days will be returned to stock.
How is my prescription not a refill if I have been taking this for years?
  • Refills are authorized by your doctor when he or she writes your prescription.
  • Your refills are listed on your prescription label.
  • When your doctor re-orders a medicine that you’ve had before, the prescription is new, even though the medication is not. This is called a prescription renewal.
  • New prescriptions, including renewals, require more extensive pharmacist review for accuracy and safety.
  • To minimize pharmacy, wait times, please pull a "new prescription" ticket for renewals.
 Out of Refills?
  • Call or send a secure message to your doctor.
  • Your doctor may want to see you for an appointment before writing a new prescription.
  • We do not receive automatic notifications that your doctor has ordered a medication.
  • If your medication is re-ordered by the doctor, please call or visit the pharmacy to confirm we have the prescription in our system and let us know you would like it filled.
Kelley Medication Room (only for refill distribution):
  • Closed until further notice. Please call-in refills to Patch Pharmacy.

Contact Us


Bldg. 2300, Patch Barracks

DSN Phone:

314-590-1MED (1633); for Refills 314-486-5601

CIV Phone:

06371-9464-1MED (1633); for Refills 06371-865601

Pharmacy Lobby Hours:

Monday - Friday: 0730-1630 (last ticket pulled at 1600).
The pharmacy is closed on weekends and Federal holidays.
NOTE: The pharmacy is closed after 12 p.m. on the first and third Thursday of each month for clinic-wide training.


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