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Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic Services

Armed Forces Wellness Center

Scope of Service:

  • Health Assessment Review - Evaluation of an individual’s health-related goals, current habits, health risks, self-efficacy, and stages of change.
  • Body Composition Analysis - Measures body fat percentage using the BOD POD, one of the most accurate methods to measure body fat. Can be used to determine a healthy weight and track changes in fat mass or lean body mass.
  • Metabolic Testing - Measures how many calories an individual burns at rest. Results are used to determine daily energy needs, which are received in the Upping Your Metabolism class.
  • Fitness Assessments - Assesses physical fitness levels. Includes submaximal VO2 test to assess cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength tests, and flexibility measurement.
  • Individual Stress Management Training - Uses EmWave biofeedback software to measure body’s response through changes in heart rhythm while practicing relaxation techniques.
  • Educational Classes
    • Upping Your Metabolism - Mandatory to receive results of metabolic test. Provides weight management resources.
    • Stress Management - Discusses how stress impacts overall wellness and resources for reducing body’s stress response.
    • Healthy Sleep Habits - Explains how sleep impacts health, how to assess sleep quality, and steps to improve sleep patterns.
    • Meals in Minutes - Examines challenges of eating healthy meals and strategies to get healthy meals prepared quickly.
    • Fueling for Health - Reviews the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, fundamental components of nutrition (including protein, fat, and carbohydrates), and reading a nutrition label.
    • Staying Fit: Home and Away - Identifies components of an exercise session and types of equipment and exercises that can be used for home workouts.
    • Retire Strong - Discusses importance of staying active in retirement, adjusting fitness routine with age, and maintaining healthy eating habits.
  • Unit Assessments - Leaders can contact the AFWC to arrange for their unit to complete AFWC assessments or classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Who Can Use the Wellness Center?

All DOD ID Card holders age 18 and older can access services at the AFWC. This includes: Active Duty, Family Members, DoD Civilians (and their Family Members), Reservists, and Retirees.

How much do the services offered at the Wellness Center cost?

All services offered are free.

What is metabolic testing?

Metabolic testing is done through indirect calorimetry, an advanced technology that analyzes oxygen consumption to measure metabolic rate. Results are used to determine caloric targets specific to the individual being tested for weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance.

What is VO2 Testing?

VO2 testing measures oxygen consumption during exercise and gives individualized training zones to help achieve personal fitness goals.

Who would benefit from a fitness test?

Anyone interested in increasing their current level of fitness. We see people looking for weight loss as well as people looking for performance enhancement. Fitness testing will establish a baseline specific to the individual being tested. Follow up appointments are encouraged to track progress.

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Building 1201, 2nd floor

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Monday - Thursday:
7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Closed from noon - 1 p.m. for lunch
7:30 a.m. - noon , closed Friday afternoon for training, and equipment cleaning and calibration
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