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How to fill a German Prescription

Medication Refills

If you have refills remaining of your medication, please call the automated refill line at 06371-86-5601 or DSN: 486-5601 and follow the prompts. Your refill will be ready for pick-up the next business day after 1300. Note: Your "refill number" is the numerical portion of the numbers located on top of your name of the prescription label..

For medications that need to be refilled please call the automated system at 06371-186-5601

  • Select Bavaria Footprint
  • Select Hohenfels Pharmacy
  • Select Refill or Inquire on a prescription
  • You will then be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your SSN (followed by the pound key)
  • Last step, enter the numeric portion of the RX number Only (followed by the pound key)

You may also choose to request your refill through the TOL Patient Portal at

If you do not have refills remaining of your medication, please contact our appointment line at 0947-283-4565 and ask for a "telephone consult" to request a refill through your primary care provider. Once your request is received by your provider, they will have up to 72 hours to re-order your medication (if deemed appropriate). If your medication is re-ordered by the provider, please call the pharmacy to ensure that your order has been placed in our database. Alternatively, your provider may elect to have you schedule a regular appointment instead.

Patients on chronic medications may receive a one-time (7-day) courtesy refill at the pharmacy on select maintenance medications if you are not able to refill your medication before your scheduled appointment. Please bring your refill (medication) bottle. Examples of maintenance medications that may be refilled on a courtesy basis include: antidepressants, blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, allergy and thyroid medication. Please call and speak with your pharmacy representative for further details. Medications that are not refilled on a courtesy basis include: birth control pills, pain medication, and ALL controlled substances such as Adderall.

TOL Secure Messaging Portal

Please contact your clinic representative to inquire about the TOL Secure Messaging Portal. The TOL Secure Messaging Portal allows easier communication between patients and their providers. When you register for a TOL Secure Messaging Portal account, you will have the capability to email your doctor, pharmacist, or nurse and ask them questions. The provider will then have the capability to reply to your email with relevant information.

To sign up, you may request a registration form from your primary care team. The coordinator will then establish an online account for you who will give you email access to your health care team. One benefit of this service is that you may contact your provider directly via email to request a refill on an expired medication. If justified, he/she may re-order your medication within 24 hours of your request. This process is subject to local clinic policies.

Self-Care Medication Program:

The Pharmacy offers a limited selection of Over-the-Counter (OTC) medications without a prescription. We invite you to talk to your Pharmacy staff if you are experiencing upset stomach, minor skin irritation or symptoms of the common cold such as a runny/stuffy nose, cough, sneezing, itchy-watery eyes and/or body aches to see if we can help, saving you a trip to the doctor.

Emergency Contraception (EC)

Your pharmacy team supports the provision of EC for patients who have an urgent need for this type of medication. We offer Plan B (One-Step); it is a 1-tablet dose of hormone which is most successful in preventing pregnancy, if taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex.

EC is available for all female beneficiaries of the Tricare network as an over-the-counter medication, which does not require a prescription, unless there are health concerns associated with providing this medication to you. Patients who have received more than 2 courses of EC within a 6-month period will be referred to their PCM for additional counseling.

Non-TRICARE Beneficiary Service

We are happy to fill your prescriptions for medications we stock. If you have health insurance coverage, please check at the Front Desk to ensure we have your correct health insurance information so we can bill your insurance company for medications we provide. For billing errors or additional questions regarding your medical payment, visit the RHCE Uniform Business Office website. This site contains useful contact information as well as a Pharmacy Pricing Estimator Tool which can assist you in determining your pharmaceutical costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do Prescriptions Expire?

Prescription refills are good for one year from the original prescribed date for most medication. This means if your prescription was originally prescribed on 16 January 2013 with 1 refill remaining and you call in your refill on 17 January 2014, your refill is not valid because it is over a year old. For your safety, controlled substance prescription refills are only valid for only 6 months.

Can I Have my Prescriptions Transferred From the States?

We gladly accept transfer of prescriptions for medications from other Department of Defense Pharmacies provided the medication is on our formulary. To facilitate the transfer, please present the prescription bottle to the pharmacy.

Can Someone Else Pick-Up My Prescriptions for Me?

Yes, others can pick-up your prescriptions if they have your military ID card, a copy of it front and back, a picture message on their phone or a medical power of attorney. This is for patients old enough to have a military ID. (RHCE REG 40-9)

How do I Dispose of Expired Medications?

If you have expired medications or are simply no longer taking the drug, you may bring them to our pharmacy for disposal.

Can I Have My Prescriptions Filled From Any of the European MTF Pharmacies?

Yes, however we recommend you check with the pharmacy first to verify that the medication is available.

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