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Brussels Army Health Clinic (NATO) Services


FLU VACCINE UPDATE:  Due to unforeseen supply-chain delays, we are still waiting to receive a large portion of our flu vaccine allotment here in Europe. We apologize for the delay and will offer vaccinations as soon as possible.  Getting your flu shot this year is still very important, and Army MTFs expect to receive the rest of their flu vaccine allotments within the next several weeks. Community vaccination events will be announced as soon as we receive the rest of our vaccine allotment. Information about specific event dates, times and locations will be advertised on AFN, on our web and social media sites and through local community channels.

You do not need to make an appointment for vaccinations, but we ask you to please call ahead to ensure that we have what you need prior to coming in.

The following vaccines are not administered at the Brussels Army Health Clinic but administered at the SHAPE Healthcare Facility:

Allergy Shots / Anthrax / Rabies Shots / Yellow Fever

If you need the above vaccine shot please contact SHAPE immunization clinic at DSN 423-5848 or CIV 065-44-6548.

We request that all personnel desiring immunizations bring their personal shot record to the Immunization Clinic.

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Immunization Clinic - Walk in only. No appointment necessary.

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