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Regularly Scheduled Immunizations are available by appointment with your Primary Care Team. Call the appointment line to schedule your next immunization with your Team Nurse.


Unfortunately the TicoVac (TBE) vaccine is no longer available at Grafenwoehr Health Clinic, however if you are interested in receiving the TBE vaccine can get a referral from your PCM to get this vaccine on the local economy at no-cost (3-dose series).
What is Tick-Borne Encephalitis (TBE)?
-As we approach the spring, summer, and fall seasons here in Bavaria and spending more time outdoors, the risk for contracting tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) increases. TBE is a rare complication from a single bite of a tick (Flavivirus) which can cause inflammation of the brain and spine, and severe cases can be fatal or cause permanent neurological complications. Symptoms can range from; mild: fever, fatigue, muscle pain, severe: paralysis, convulsions, confusion, to death (<2%); long-term complications (10%).
Where is TBE Contracted?
-Tick season in Bavaria is mostly from April-November.
-Anyone participating in outdoor activities could be at risk.
-Grass & wooded areas (parks, forests, gardens) are considered higher-risk
Vaccine Eligibility Information
- Minimum age qualification is 1-year and older.
-The vaccine is 96-99% effective after all three doses administered over 5 months.
-For more information please consult with your Primary Care Provider or the CDC website Vaccine | Tick-borne encephalitis | CDC

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