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Educational and Developmental Intervention Services 


The Educational and Developmental Intervention Services (EDIS) program is a free service directed by the Department of Defense to provide early intervention and related services that fulfills the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). 
The EDIS program is part of the Behavioral Health Department. Their office is located on the second floor of the Vicenza Health Clinic.


EDIS Early Intervention (EI) provides services for children from birth to 36 months of age with delays in one or more areas of development, including communication, social skills, motor skills, and problem solving. EDIS Related Services (RS) are for children between the ages of 3-21 years of age and are provided through the school. The EDIS team includes a speech and language pathologist, an early childhood special educator, a pediatric occupational therapist, a clinical psychologist, and a pediatric physical therapist (providing services virtually or in-person quarterly). Intervention services provided will be based on the needs of each child and are tailored to the family’s needs.  Early Intervention services are provided in the child’s natural environment (home or community) through a primary service provider.  Related services are provided through the child’s school as part of the child’s Individualized Education Plan.


Army EDIS provides early intervention services to military and civilian families in the Department of Defense who 1) have a child less than three years of age with a development delay or has a diagnosed medical condition that places the child at high risk for developmental mental delay and 2) live on military installations in the USA or live in an overseas area with a DoD sponsor on a “command –sponsored” tour.  EDIS services are voluntary, and they provide educational therapy by non-medical providers.  All services are voluntary, and parents can decide if they want to accept EDIS services. Referrals for Early Intervention can be made through the child’s primary care provider or parents can self-refer. Referrals for Related Services (3 years and older) are made by the child’s school.


An initial appointment is scheduled with the family within 7 days after receiving an EDIS early intervention referral.  The team will determine if additional screening is necessary or if a developmental evaluation is warranted following the first parent interview. Services will be coordinated based on the needs identified at the evaluation.

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