Vicenza Army Health Clinic Services

Armed Forces Wellness Center

Scope of Service:

  • Body Composition – is used to describe the percentages of fat mass and fat-free mass your weight is composed of.
  • Metabolic Testing - Accurately measures how many calories a person burns per day.
  • Fitness Assessments - VO2 Testing to assess cardiovascular fitness, strength measures and flexibility measurement. Review of results and fitness plans tailored to achieve personal goals.
  • Stress Management - Biofeedback Software that will teach stress reduction techniques and monitor heart rhythm.
  • Educational Classes
    • Upping Your Metabolism
    • Fueling for Health
    • Stress Management
    • Performance Optimization
    • Meals in Minutes
    • Healthy Sleep Habits
  • Unit Assessments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Who Can Use the Wellness Center?
All military ID Card holders can use the Wellness Center. Unfortunately, Local Nationals are not authorized to use the Wellness Center at this time.

How much do the services offered at the Wellness Center Cost?
All services offered are free.

What is Metabolic Testing?
Metabolic Testing uses advanced technology to analyze oxygen consumption to determine the Resting Metabolic Rate and caloric zones for weight loss, weight gain, or weight maintenance specific to the individual being tested.

What is VO2 Testing?
VO2 testing is measures oxygen consumption during exercise and gives individualized training zones to help achieve personal fitness goals.

Who should perform a fitness test?
Anyone interested in increasing their current level of fitness. We see people looking for weight loss as well as people looking for performance enhancement. Fitness testing will establish a baseline specific to the individual being tested. We encourage 30 and 90 day follow-up appointments to track progress.

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Bldg 2310 (Health Center) 

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Monday - Friday
7:45 - 11:45 a.m. and 12:45 - 4:15 p.m.
Closed on Federal Holidays.
Closed Every 3rd Thursday of each month for training from 1 - 4:15 p.m.
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