Vincenza Army Health Clinic Services



To provide world class medical and preventative health care services to the children of the Vicenza Military community.

Scope of Service:

The Vicenza Pediatric Clinic is located within the Patient Centered Medical Home. We currently have two Pediatricians, three Family Medicine Physicians, and one Nurse Practitioner who are credentialed to see children.

We care for children as young as 2 days old including premature infants following discharge from the hospital, full term newborns, toddlers, school age children, and adolescents. We can evaluate acute concerns including upper respiratory infections, rashes, ear infections, and others. We can manage chronic conditions such as asthma or ADHD.


The clinic performs outpatient circumcisions for male infants 2 days-28 days old. We must have documented evidence of a Vitamin K shot prior to the procedure, and all patients must be seen in the clinic by a clinician prior to circumcision.

Cryotherapy and skin procedures are also performed in the clinic.

Special notes:

If your child is not fully vaccinated for their age and is presenting with any acute rash or upper respiratory symptoms, we ask that you inform the staff at the time of booking so that we may properly protect our staff and other patients.

Siblings are allowed to accompany parents and patients for appointments. We advise that all children must be under direct adult supervision at all times.

If there are concerns for a fracture, difficulty breathing, concussion, or other acute concern that could require intervention such as medication administration, radiologic studies with immediate read, or inpatient stay, we recommend that patients be evaluated at a local Emergency Room prior to scheduling a follow up appointment with a pediatric clinician. This is to ensure a full and complete workup as well as our patients’ safety.

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The Pediatric Clinic is located within the Patient Centered Medical Home on the ground floor of the Vicenza Health Clinic. When you walk into the main entrance, proceed left to the first waiting area.

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Open 0745 to 1145 and 1245 to 1615. Closed on Federal Holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Every 3rd Thursday of each month closed for training from 1300-1615.

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