Vincenza Army Health Clinic Services



To provide world class medical and preventive health care services to the children of the Vicenza military community. By supporting the Soldier's children, we participate in the transformation of military medicine to meet the challenges of the 21st century and encourage continued training and retention of technically proficient Soldiers.

Scope of Service

The Vicenza Pediatric clinic provides comprehensive evaluation and treatment services for children of all ages. Aimed at promoting optimal wellness from birth to early adulthood.

Our range of services includes treating premature infants, full-term newborns, toddlers, youth, adolescents, and all life stages in between.

The Vicenza Pediatric clinic has the ability to treat on-going acute conditions/illnesses.

Children in the Pediatric Clinic

Siblings are allowed in the clinic with the patients; however, we advise that all children be under adult supervision at all times. We need to protect our younger patients from exposure to diseases that can be harmful when not completely immunized. So if you feel your child has chickenpox, please call ahead of your appointment so you can be advised as to where to bring your child.

Contact Us


The Pediatric Clinic is located in the Vicenza Health Clinic, adjacent to the main entrance waiting area.

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Open 0745 to 1145 and 1245 to 1615. Closed on Federal Holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Every 3rd Thursday of each month closed for training from 1300-1615.

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