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Vincenza Army Health Clinic Services

Traumatic Brain Injury

Scope of Services:

The Vicenza Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Clinic is a referral clinic with the mission to evaluate and provide care for active duty service members with mild to moderate TBI. Initial evaluation of non-emergent head trauma is performed by the service member’s assigned primary care medical provider.  If the primary care provider feels specialty care is needed, a referral will be made to the TBI Clinic for further assessment and treatment. While the TBI is not a self referral clinic, TBI staff members are available by telephone (636-9677) to answer TBI related questions and offer advice. Service members with TBIs  that are severe or do not respond within a reasonable time period to conservative care at our clinic are referred to the TBI Clinic at Landstuhl Army Regional Medical Center for additional evaluation and  treatment.

Our team includes professionals to support the Service Member in the acute and/or chronic phases of recovery from a TBI. Those services include case management, education, physical therapy, occupational therapy, cognitive rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, sleep education, biofeedback, and referrals to other services as needed.

We are a multi-disciplinary team dedicated to the rehabilitation of Service Members and beneficiaries who have suffered a TBI and have persistent symptoms. Our mission is to facilitate the return to duty in good physical and mental condition, and/or maximize quality of life and recovery of function of personnel who have been referred to our program for their TBI needs. The TBI team can also provide community outreach to increase awareness of traumatic brain injury.

War-related TBI can result from blast exposure, motor vehicle accidents, and accidents and falls in-theater. Most of these injuries are mild (also known as concussion) and resolve without treatment. Occasionally symptoms may interfere with one’s normal routine, behavior or personality. If Service Members and their families understand TBI, they can recognize symptoms and provide support. In the Army, more than 76% of TBI occurs in a Garrison setting, including sports injuries, motor-vehicle accidents, and training injuries.

For TBI related information, please contact our office or refer to the following websites:

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